The Brand

The Oneira brand was born from an idea of Antonella Brilla.

Oneira is anyone’s dream, and it’s aimed at those who believe in beauty, which can reach the stars and touch the sky with a finger.

Our collection is exclusively created by hand in our laboratory. Each piece of jewelery is unique and entirely handmade.

The dreamlike dimension of the jewels of the Fantò collection is inspired by the concept of Sigmunt Freud, who defines this concept within the “Dream Interpretation”.

According to this model, if the dream is considered as a seemingly irrational and alogical sequence of events, we can distinguish two types of content: the manifest content (what we actually dream) and the latent content (the unconscious content of the dream).

The task of the “dream work”, from which Oneira took inspiration, is to transform the “latent content” of a dream into a “manifest content” that is more easily represented and tolerable. Basically, Oneira transforms your dreams into jewelry to wear on any occasion as an accessory: pendant for your necklace, accessory for your bag, keychain … in short, it is suitable for all occasions and will accompany you during your days to make you sparkling and inimitable.

Our collection is exclusively created by hand in our laboratory.

Our strengths are:

  • Creativity, to give shape to the material
  • Finishing, for real design creations
  • Synthesis, the perfect union between innovation and tradition
  • Research of details, details of style for a refined luxury
  • Dedication, because beauty can only come from passion
  • The uniqueness, for the pleasure of a unique jewel of its kind.

Oneira has a jewelery production line. The jewel is not only made of precious metal and precious stones; he has his own life, an artistic personality left by the artisan who forges it.

The Fantò collection is a true work of art: unique pieces, animated by the soft and elegant colours of gold and the facets of precious stones.

Oneira was born for a craftsmanship that sculpts creations in the name of memory, beauty and care.

Oneira is a guarantee of quality, with a remarkable professionalism thanks to which it is an important point of reference for an increasingly demanding public, attentive to details and personalization.