The Fairytale

The Fairytale

In a kingdom nestling in the high mountains of the North, surrounded by a huge lake, there lived a mischievous boy named Fantò.

On a sunny day, whose sky was crystal clear and the clouds had been swept away by a gentle breeze, Fantò walked all alone in search of new adventures.

When it crossed nature, dead because of the cold temperatures of the mountain, everything flourished becoming an expanse of emotions.

Walking along the flowering expanse, he meets his parents, Peter and Gisella.

“Dad Mom! What’s going on? Look at the flowers”.

The mother replied: “Fantò, look at the beauty that surrounds you. The whole Kingdom is happy since you were born. I would like to show you something, which everyone is talking about now. ”

His mom accompanied her baby in a cave, where there was a carpenter working.

Fantò asked: “Mom, what’s that good man doing?”

The man gave him his hand and led him to a creek. Fantò was frightened and frightened by this man whose hands were dirty and full of splinters.

The two, who looked at each other cautiously, watched a wonderful spectacle. In fact, the man was responsible for reproducing many small wooden men, like him.

“But it’s me …” replied Fantò, perplexed and almost banned. The good man, despite having serious difficulties in articulating an answer, managed to exclaim only a feeble “Yes”.

Fantò escaped to his parents for explanations. At this point, the father said to him: “Since you came into the world, we are not talking about anything else.

Your beauty, your shy but elegant movements, your shining garment has not gone unnoticed by the King. It was indeed him who commissioned to the good man the reproduction of your body. I know it will seem absurd but now you are the dream of the whole kingdom. All the powerful seek you, all the rich want you”.

At this point, Fantò interrupted his father and exclaimed: “But I’m a simple child!”

The father smiled on him, stroked his face and, with a loving look, replied: “I assure you that you are much more than this. You are our jewel, you are the greatest treasure anyone could wish for”.